Sylvan Realm

Album: The Lodge of Transcendence (2012)

Song: Sylvan Realm

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Eclectic dark metal music pioneers Sylvan Realm is a band without
boundaries or barriers in creating a higher caliber of otherworldly
compositional soundscapes. stylistically Sylvan Realm infuses various
elements of black metal, doom metal, progressive metal, 70'
psychedelic rock, 80's heavy metal, death metal, trash metal, neo
folk, and more. Sylvan realm is a progressive band in the sense that
many elements from different styles of music are entwined to form a
unique exquisite blend of dark intense music that sounds unlike anyone
else. Rendering a refined crafted blend of music were each style comes
together to create a sophisticated compositional flow in each song.
but Instead of reinventing the wheel by mixing various style, Sylvan
Realm holds the touch to further explore down the path of uncharted
territories. The results equal a truly original approach of breaking
down the barriers in metal while at the same time still paying homage
to the bands who have laid down the foundations.

Sylvan Realm has recently unleashed its 1st full length album titled
"The Lodge Of Transcendence". Sylvan Realm arose from the ashes of the
melodic black/death metal band Reverie that was formed in 2003 and put
out one full length album titled "Isolation" in 2007. Since then band
founder Sylvan relocated from the rocky mountains of Montana to
Maryland. In 2010 Sylvan changed the bands name to Sylvan Realm and
recruited Evan Madden (Woods of Ypres, The Green Evening Requiem, Woe)
to unleash his musical vision behind the drums and Jason "Deathdancer"
Eckert (Aurora Borealis, Todesbonden, Rain Fell Within) for his
mastery of the bass. While Sylvan preformed Vocals, guitars, and
created the album art work. Both "The Lodge of Transcendence" by
Sylvan Realm and "isolation" by Reverie have been released, and
distributed through Sylvan's own Reverie Recordings label.

The Lodge of Transcendence is a concept album based upon unlocking
cosmic gateways found deep within nature. Ultimately reaching
enlightenment of the minds eye after traveling through everything,
nothing, infinite light, infinite darkness, and completing the voyage
beyond dualism to veer the microcosm into the macrocosm, and the
macrocosm into the microcosm. The album was written over a four year
time frame, were each song was crafted to be a composition with
multiple movements, styles, and changes in mood. Overall The Lodge of
Transcendence takes some time to fully absorb and is not a work with
immediate results such as a David Lynch film. The album was
intentionally written were each song flows into the next song and
picks up were the last song left off creating one ongoing concept that
feels more like one conceptual composition instead of mere collection
of songs. Other then the above mentioned concept that The Lodge of
Transcendence is based upon, the inspiration behind Sylvan Realm comes
from the following sources: isolation, the cosmos, vast landscapes,
abandonment, misanthropy, metaphysics, dreams, enlightenment, astral
traveling, naturalism, hidden truths, cosmic gateways to other
dimensions, reaching higher planes of spiritual awareness, and the
spiritual realm within nature. The Lodge of Transcendence was
recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ron Vento (Aurora Borealis) at
Nightsky studio during October 2009 to January 2011 in Waldorf
Maryland. The album was meticulously mixed and mastered on superb
analog gear to create a organic, natural, atmospheric, and overall
live sounding nostalgic production. Lastly here is some feedback that
the album has received.

Nocturnal Hall Magazine 9/10

Overall, SYLVAN REALM brings a unique approach to the table of metal.
It's hard to pin point another band that sounds similar, some that
come close are Woods Of Ypres, Opeth, and Agalloch. It is black metal
entangled in a shroud of progressive and dark metal. The Lodge Of
Transcendence is a triumphant first release for this band and I can't
wait to hear what they do with the next album.

A dead spot of light Magazine 87/100

The Lodge of Transcendence is an excellent release in many respects
and sets the barrier extremely high for the things to come. The
easiness, with which the band transgresses all barriers of
conventionality and combines them on their debut into an eclectic
showbag that contains something for a lot of people, is fascinating
indeed. Extreme metal on a high level, loaded with sweet riffs and
ideas, as well as an attitude to try something fresh. Nothing but
highly recommended.

redstream records

"This amazing Montana based outfit, located in an area of Outstanding
beauty has been able to crystallize the essence itself of magnificence
and transpose it on music with a unparalleled brilliance. You can see
the crystalline snowcovered summit unveiling their majestic presence
behind a curtain of dreary clouds and purple mists."

The End Records

"Excellent dark metal that is cosmic, philosophical, conceptual and
hypnotic. 'The Lodge of Transcendence' carries the distinctive
atmosphere of underground Euro metal circa 1994 or so, similar in vibe
to the early mid '90s work of bands like Katatonia, Rotting Christ,
Nightfall and Dark Tranquillity, yet those are just general reference
points. Sylvan Realm is a unique entity all its own"

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